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Encore Brides

Services for the Encore Bride

This time, it’s different. So make it memorable.

What is an “encore bride,” you ask?  We define “the encore bride” simply as a woman that has been previously married. She may have had a larger church wedding before or she may have had a smaller civil ceremony. Whatever the case maybe, she or he (in the case of a second-time groom) has been down this road before and now, finding love again, want to celebrate the union with family and friends.

As an encore bride, Alpha Prosperity Events specializes in assisting you with planning and/or coordinating the numerous and time-consuming details involved in creating that special day of your dreams. Planning a second or encore wedding can be quite challenging and filled with lots of emotions and unsolicited opinions. We help you navigate the necessary plans, pieces, and players for a relaxed, stress-free wedding union and celebration.

Encore: “a second achievement especially that surpasses the first”

The Bravo Package for the Encore Bride or Groom

This fully customizable service begins with a number of consultations, where we take the time to get to know you, discussing your specific needs and wishes.  Thinking out of the box, we work within the dynamics of your budget, helping to create a wedding celebration that reflects your style without being overly concerned about the norm, traditions or the so-called etiquette rules.

Creating Events that Celebrate Your Brightest, Shining Moments!”

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